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6 ways to maximise your investment property before the EofFY

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6 ways to maximise your investment property

1. Get a Depreciation Schedule done
If you have purchased a new unit or home as an investment, ensure that you claim the maximum depreciation deductions each financial year. Contact us if you would like us to book in an Inspection with local branch of Taylor Byrne or phone them directly on (07) 4638 3988.

2. Have an Annual Pest Spray Done
Ensure the only tenants you have are humans with an annual pest spray – this is an immediate tax-deductible expense.

3. Submit your Water Rates
If you haven’t already done so, please send your Water Rates to us so we can charge your tenants water consumption or excess water.

4. Maintain Necessary appliances and amenities
Quality tenants are looking for a home that is ready to move in. Unfortunately, a number of homes lack amenities such as air conditioning/heating, dishwasher, or a gas cook stove. By ensuring that you have all these amenities in working order and are current, a premium rental price can be justified.

5. Complete Preventative Maintenance
Go through your last Routine Inspection Report, or speak to Kimberley on 0417 424 832 to see if there are any preventative maintenance items that can be done in the next 6 weeks, to ensure your property remains ship-shape.

6. Buy another investment property!
The best time to add to your investment portfolio is NOW! Speak to David and Angela about the best investment properties in Toowoomba.