Success Realty’s Toowoomba Property Management has been praised by local and interstate investors for their communication skills and systemised approach to property management. Our experienced Toowoomba Property Managers own their own investment properties and know what it is like to be an landlord.  Managing an asset of significant value requires more than just routine inspections and leasing to tenants.  Our Toowoomba Property Managers will look at the big picture and advise on a maintenance schedule, the best strategy for achieving long term tenants and advise on rental increases relevant to local market conditions.

Building your Toowoomba Property Management Portfolio

There is no doubt there are significant investment opportunities in Toowoomba.  The Darling Downs has been in the hot property spotlight for the last few years because of its steady capital growth, significant infrastructure projects and solid economic drivers including agriculture and education.

Investing in Toowoomba requires local knowledge.  There are pockets in some Suburbs that are not desirable and there are certain areas/streets with larger blocks that you can add value by, creating battle -axe or development opportunities.  It is best to let us know about the type of opportunity you are looking for, and we can work with you to source it for you.

We work with local and interstate investors, the key questions our clients ask are:

  • Are rents on the rise?
  • What is my investment property worth?
  • What are the property management fees?
  • How can I get a great long term tenant?
toowomba property management

Toowoomba Property Management Owner Portal

The best way for us to answer these questions, is for you to contact us, so we can see where your investment property is located and what the current local market is like.  For a list of our fees, please ask for a copy of our Toowoomba Property Management Schedule.

Toowoomba Property Management Owner Portal

Success Realty gives Landlords the ability to monitor their property via our live Owner Portal.  Some of the things our landlords can access through our portal includes:

  • The current financial status of all properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • All general scanned documents attached to the owners folio
  • Photos and details for the property and tenancy
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections