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How to price your home to Sell

How to price your home to Sell

How to price your home to Sell

There are three prices for your home...

1. The price you want,

2. The price the market says it is worth...

3. and the price the buyer wants to pay.

When all these prices align – magic is made and a successful sale will follow.

9 times out of ten though, the process is not as simple as this. You might think the home is worth more than what the market is willing to pay because you have a lifetime of memories that you cant put a price tag on, or the house you want to buy is $20k out of your price range, and you need to get more money than your house is worth, to pay for your new dream home.

You might also have lower expectations of the value of your home and you are delighted that an agent could get your home Under Contract in less than 24 hours. This quite possibly could mean that the agent has sold your home for less than the market would be willing to pay.

The only way to ensure you get the best price for your property is to ensure, that your home is marketed to all those people looking for the type of home (ie the certain number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces) that your home offers, in your suburb.

A good real estate agent will provide you with a list of comparable properties which have sold recently, plus a list of comparable properties which are currently on the market. In the Toowoomba marketplace, if these properties are on the market for longer than 45 days, it is highly likely they are 5-10% overpriced.

While the Appraisal will give you a guide as to a price range for your property value, Success Realty’s goal is to get you the highest possible price, by finding the “must have” buyer. The buyer that falls in love with your property and floats through the property in awe of what they find. It is this type of buyer which will pay the highest price for your property.

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